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all female and male mentors for their time, their knowledge and experience which they have made available to the mentees of the mentoring programme runs at the Vienna University of Technology in all these years.

Mentoringprogramm 2010 -2012 Simone Knaus          Prof. Dr. Georg Reider Gabriela Schranz-Kirlinger

Mentoringprogramm 2008 -2010


 Prof. Dr. Jens Dangschat               Prof. Dr. Josef Eberhardsteiner Margit Gelautz

Prof. Dr. Peter Purgathofer Ingrid Steiner           Ina Wagner


Mentoringprogramm 2005 -2007


Prof. Dr. Gerald Badurek           Prof. Dr. Christian Breiteneder         Prof. Dr. Peter Fleissner

Prof. Dr. Dieter Gutknecht Silvia Miksch        Ingrid Steiner Ina Wagner