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The HTU Women’s Office celebrates its 30th anniversary

The website “frauenspuren” (women’s traces) emerged as a sub-project of the WIT programme 2008-2011 in order to enhance the visibility of women at the Vienna University of Technology. An important part of this women’s history is the HTU Frauenreferat (women’s office of the University’s students’ association). On this website, I would therefore like to present its history from its constitution to the present. I already researched the first 10 years of the HTU Frauenreferat in 1999 for my thesis in a basic course in feminist studies. Making parts of this thesis available to the public, with links to the sources as far as possible, and thus allowing an insight into the first struggles of women at the TU up to the present day, is a matter of some concern to me – as I worked at the HTU Frauenreferat for a long time.

To use the words of Gerda Lerner: “Every woman changes when she realises that she has a history.” I think it important to make the history of the HTU Frauenreferat public.

Enjoy the read!
Mag.a Helga Gartner

(HTU women’s officer from 4.11.1993 to 11.12.1996 and from 1.11.1998 to 29.02.2000, thereafter women’s officer at the Austrian National Student Union, 2011/2012 project manager of a project funded by the Austrian Research Promotion Agency (FFG) at the Center for Promotion of Women and Gender Studies, currently employed at the Coordination and Communication Center of the Faculty of Informatics at the Vienna University of Technology.)

Please click here for the history prior to the foundation of the HTU Frauenreferat, an autonomous group of female architects and a secretary for women at the Social Services Office of the HTU.
From November 1983, the HTU created the post of a speaker for the HTU Frauenreferat. Please click on the names of the speakers for a chapter on their activities.

As far as not stated specifically, I used the relevant HTU-Info (students’ paper, available at the library), and relevant leaflets, posters, announcements etc. held by the HTU Frauenreferat as well as posters and notes from the private archives of former women’s speakers which were made available to me. For the years 1983-86, there is a file of HTU documents at the University archive. The minutes of the main committee and the university assembly (where the speakers’ elections take place) are available at the University archive or at the archive of the HTU.
I would like to thank the HTU for the permission to publish these documents.

Please feel free to contact me with your questions, suggestions or further source material.
Helga Gartner